SEATTLE, WAshington

Also known as the "Emerald City", Seattle is unique in its geography and proximity to a deep water port in the heart of its bustling, downtown district. Surrounded on three sides by bodies of water, it also lends itself to being quickly isolated from mainland resources while containing a sizable population within its boundaries  Could a city of this size be overrun by a foreign invasion force? Who could pull off such an operation of such scope and magnitude without being detected?  

Democratic People's Republic of Korea

They have nothing left to lose.

Under the guise of two, South Korean container ships, the DPRK has spent years retrofitting these sea going behemoths for the sole purpose of transporting a sizable expeditionary force to America's western seaboard. Outfitted with over 30,000 men, light armor and air support, the purpose of these "Trojan Horses" of the sea is to break an international stalemate that has lasted for more than 50 years.

Twelve hours in


We never knew what hit us.

On an early morning in November, both Panamax class ships docked at Terminal 46 adjacent to downtown Seattle and disgorged their payloads. The US Coast Guard station nearby was quickly decimated and within two hours, every major bridge, highway and egress point in the city was either destroyed or secured. By nightfall a systematic protocol was implemented by the invading DPRK Lightening Forces to round up outlying neighborhood populations and consolidate them to the downtown high rises and sports arenas. All communication with the outside world was cut off.  




There's no turning back.

They want all American troops out of the Korean Peninsula within 30 days or Seattle as we know it will "cease to exist". It's a desperate act by a desperate nation, taking an entire American city hostage. We're left with few alternatives in this situation and our resolve as a country will be tested like never before.